Health Clinics

Services Offered By Health Clinics Continue to Explode In Variety

The friendly local health clinic has become a popular choice for many people.

Clinics now offer almost everything under one roof, including basic blood tests, imaging, emergency medical treatment and even expensive procedures like kidney dialysis and diabetic treatment.

Local clinics make medical care and testing much more convenient for many. Today with everyone being so busy and living such a hectic lifestyle, this makes going to the doctor and having certain tests done so much easier.

Why People Avoid Medical Care

Many people avoid going to their doctor or having their routine test done as they need to because it normally requires so much of their time

Another obstacle is cost. Even if a person has insurance, there are still deductibles and co payments that have to be paid. Many times these can add up to be quite a substantial amount.

What Can Your Clinic Provide?

Many full-service local clinics provide most if not all of the following services today:

• See a local physician for regular exams
• A laboratory for you to get all your blood work completed including lipids, diabetes, PSA screening and STD tests
• A radiology department to take care of MRIs, CAT scans and X Rays
• Most have EKG machines to map your heart’s rhythm
• Many will offer educational information on dealing with various illnesses

Saving Time

A medical clinic can …

Clinic And Hospital

Difference Between Medical Clinic And Hospital

A medical clinic is different from a hospital in a variety of different ways.

A hospital is designed with beds and rooms for the patients that are sick and admitted into the hospital that range from critical care to private rooms.

A hospital employs many doctors, nurses, nurses assistants, radiology technicians, laboratory technicians and people to transport the patients to the different areas of the hospital for their tests.

A hospital is well staffed and equipped to handle a huge variety of sick patients with the equipment that is needed to do the treatments that each patient needs.

Time is another key difference: most clinics are open only for certain hours of the day, but a hospital emergency room is always open and is on a most serious need basis.

A Clinic

A clinic is typically much smaller than a hospital and has very few staff members. Most clinics feel like a doctor’s office with perhaps more specialized equipment and more treatment rooms.

interior of health clinic

Often, there is only one doctor present that you set an appointment with. You see him/her in a small room with a table, chair and a sink for the doctor to wash his hands between patients.

You’ll sit in the waiting room and wait until the doctor is finished with previous patients and you are called for your appointment.

If your condition is serious enough, the doctor …