Professional Senior Home Care

Professional Senior Home Care – How to Find One?

Is home care right for my loved one or me?

One of the most important things for families is the safety and the well-being of their elderly members. We believe that people who raised us deserve the best possible care, especially when they truly need it. That is particularly important if they suffer from the different conditions or remain disabled.

Unfortunately, the current living conditions force many of the younger family members to work long hours. Often the choice is hard: to offer care to the elderly person or to lose part of the vital income.

Thankfully, nowadays there is no more need to send the grandparents to a care home. Their workers now come to the client’s house to offer the same professional care.

An important question is how to choose a professional and trustworthy home care services. With the recently growing fear of elderly abuse, it is hard to leave the elderly person with a stranger. However, there are ways to determine whether the particular company is the right choice.…


What Are The Secrets Behind DNA Testing?

DNA testing is perhaps among the greatest breakthroughs in modern science especially in the field of medicine. Today, DNA testing is the epitome of human health science and other scientific fields as it helps in answering and offering solutions to some of the difficult human challenges.  The secrets behind DNA testing are consigned within the various ways it is used in the society today. From genetic testing for paternity tests to forensic fingerprinting, there is much more to it.…

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Did You Know? April 11 – 16, 2016 is Health Care Decisions Week!

It’s a common quote that a man is once a man and twice a child. What this means is that he has a time independence but at the beginning and end of his life he must be cared for by others.

The latter part of being cared for is something most people don’t like to think about. Denial isn’t the best option for dealing with future decisions. It’s best to talk about advance planning ahead of time so family members have a clear understanding of their loved one’s wishes.

Health care is an essential component when it comes to advanced planning. Individuals will need to consider what they want out of a person-centered health care agenda.

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When Is The Right Time To Stop Driving?

Driving is a part of everyday life for most people, no matter what our is age. The problem is that the older we get, the more we struggle with health issues that can affect our ability to drive safely.

Many adults face a dilemma as our parents reach old age: do we ignore the signs of memory and vision problems so that our parents can retain their independence, or do we try and stop them from driving to prevent accidents?…

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Guide For Seniors Preparing Taxes

Did you know that once you are a senior citizen your tax obligations and deductions change?

If you receive social security, and that is your only source of income, then you do not need to file a tax return this year (as social security is not included as part of your gross income.

However, if you have other sources of income on top of your social security, and your income is greater than the amount of the deduction for your filing status,  so that would be income of $11,850 or more if you are single, and if you are married and file jointly then $23,100  or more and your spouse is 65 or older (if your spouse is not yet 65, then the amount is slightly less at $21,850 or more) then you will still need to file a tax return.

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Senior Wellness Check-Ups Once A Year And Every Year!

For all seniors  with Medicare insurance coverage, an annual medical check-up is recommended. Regardless of how healthy and robust you may be feeling, this check-up, alternatively referred to as seniors “Annual Wellness” visit is vital as it seeks to offer some preventive methods that could go a long way in maintaining your overall health.

So, what does this annual office visit include? Let’s find out.

Lab tests

DNA- Ancestry Testing And You

The DNA in your body is 99.9 percent indistinguishable to 99.9 percent of other individuals’ DNA. Shouldn’t something be said about the other 0.1 percent? Varieties in this minor bit of our DNA clarify why people have distinctive health dangers, look like relatives and can some of the time be recognized as having a place with specific ethnic gatherings.

Many times, an individual testing their DNA is not faced with these dangerous results, but rather in light of the fact that so many of these tests are being requested, false positive results can happen. In the event that you consider paternity  testing, contemplate how you may respond to and utilize the data, and how this data may influence your family. It is additionally vital to contemplate your objectives for testing so you can pick a test that fits your needs. Hereditary guides can offer assistance. Here are some normal things to ask in case you’re considering lineage testing:…

Medical Clinics

The Differences Among Medical Clinics

Today there is a wide variety of clinics that offer a variety of different services.

Some are multi-purpose neighborhood health clinics that strive to meet all of your medical needs under one roof.

Other clinics specialize in just one area of the body or a medical speciality such as vein removal, LASIX, dialysis treatment or cancer treatment.

Test clinics offer medical tests like blood tests, MRIs or STD/STI tests.

Different Types Of Clinics

• Specialist Clinics
• Low cost clinics
• General outpatient clinics
• Private clinics
• Convenient care clinics

Which One Works For You?

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5 Medical Tests Every Senior Citizen Should Get

When you are young you feel invincible and you think you will live forever.

You’re smart enough to know things change when you get older, but a lot of people still think their health is perfectly fine.

Unfortunately, your body might be hiding problems from you, so if you’re a senior citizen there are a few important medical checks you should have carried out.

Hopefully you’ll get the all-clear, but it’s still better to err on the side of caution.

We’re going to look at each medical test in a little detail so you know why they’re needed, plus you’ll know what to expect on the day.…

STD blood test

Get Yourself STD Tested – Anonymously

A health clinic is a great place to go if you think that you have an STD.

In today’s society, many people enjoy sexual relations with multiple partners. Unfortunately, this greatly increases the risk of contracting STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

A person may meet someone that looks clean and nice and they would never guess that he or she may have an STD. They spend the evening together, not knowing who the other person has been sleeping with.

The next thing they know, they are burning during urination or experiencing a strange discharge.

At this point, they realize that they did not make a wise choice, but now it is time to go to a physician and get tested and see it they test positive for an STD.…